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Trinity School and RNAS Culdrose

Cadets and staff from Trinity School CCF were treated to trips over Teignmouth and Dawlish in a former Royal Navy Search and Rescue helicopter, which had called in as part of its farewell tour.

As Contingent Commander, Lt Cdr (CCF) Geraldine Poulet-Bowden RNR explains, “As a CCF Contingent we are very lucky to have close ties with RNAS CULDROSE and we submitted a bit of a cheeky request to be considered for a 771NAS farewell visit – after all a 771 helicopter visited Trinity as recently as 2015 for the biennial review.

"It's always good to keep in touch with your local service establishments, to make sure you hear about these kind of opportunities. If you hear about something like this coming up - ask to get involved, as it can be a great experience for the cadets".

A rare day of glorious sunshine and clear skies meant that CCF cadets were able to benefit from benign flying conditions and superb views.