Sustainability funding case studies

Read some examples of how sustainability funding is being put to good use...

Albion Academy 1

Albion Academy CCF (RAF), part of CEP 100, Salford, used the funds to buy additional kit.

Andrew Kyle, Contingent Commander, says: 

“The school has a free school meal figure of 75 per cent – many of the cadets come from low-income backgrounds. Enforcing all cadets to pay for additional kit would exclude them from participating in the CCF. The grant has meant the students are able to take part and enjoy the many positives of being a cadet.

“We have used the money to provide additional uniforms for all cadets, in particular MTP uniform. Students did bag-packs at a local supermarket, which has helped to support the match funding.

“We take on average 15-20 new cadets a year and the uniform will be returned to the unit when they leave school, so the unit will be able to reuse uniforms for future cadets for years to come. This in turn will reduce overall costs of financing the unit.”

Bedlingtonshire Community High School CCF, part of CEP 500, Northumberland, used the fund to buy extra equipment.

2LT Dave Waddle, Contingent Commander, says: 

“Our bid for the sustainability grant was to allow us to purchase equipment to supplement our initial MOD issue. We also wanted to buy clothing and equipment to allow all pupils to access the overnight elements of the cadet syllabus.

“Thanks to the funding, all the cadets deployed with assault vests, Bergens, sleeping bags (with Bivi bag and liners), thermal hat and gloves, KFS kit, head torches and additional thermals. We were also able to do navigation exercises with new compasses. The cadets have had their first Bronze DofE practice and assessment expeditions and their first annual camp, all with the equipment the funding has allowed us to purchase.

“Without the funding we would not have been able to take as many fully equipped cadets away. It has enabled us to plan whole-unit exercises rather than limiting numbers because of a lack of specialised equipment. In the next academic year we have already planned an exercise in October and a range day before Christmas – again the grant has bought vital equipment which will enable the cadets to operate virtually all year round. The funding is allowing us to grow and offer a diverse range of activities, which is keeping our current cadets excited and attracting new cadets all the time.”

Beccles Free School CCF, part of CEP 100, Suffolk, used their funding to support staffing. 

Nigel Youngman, Headteacher, says:

“We have used the funding to support three elements of the CCF: staffing, transport and opportunities. The overriding benefit is that it has enabled us to appoint our own CCF officer. Previously the school has been entirely dependent on leadership from another school.

“The new officer is playing a pivotal role in exploring development opportunities for the unit. She has built on links with local cadet units, set up further funding opportunity meetings and promoted the unit in the school. She has also started activities in the school that were impossible before: shooting, fieldwork and first aid.

“The CCF consists of students of various backgrounds, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds. The training has helped give vulnerable students the opportunity to build confidence, encourage leadership, promote fitness, visit new places and encourage team work. The grant has given us the momentum and opportunity we sorely needed.”