Learning new skills

Hear from Cadet Cerys Bailey about the new skills she has learned through the cadets, and how she has risen up the ranks to Corporal. 

Organisation Case Study

Cerys Bailey from Heanor Gate Science Academy explains how the skills she has developed through her time in the CCF have helped her rise up the ranks to Cadet Corporal, and also helped her outside of the CCF. 

Cerys, aged 16, explained: “I’m really proud to have been promoted to Cadet Corporal just before we visited RAF Halton for our summer camp.”

Cerys continued: “I have had much more responsibility on camp this year as I have been leading a flight of 12 other cadets, giving them commands and leading the drill squad. This has helped to continue developing my confidence too.

“I’ve gained a lot out of being in the Cadets including improving my team working and leadership skills, as well as helping me to become much more organised. We run to quite a strict timetable in the CCF, especially on camp so we cannot afford to not be on time. For example we have to get up at 6am to have an inspection at 7am and then be out for breakfast at 7.15am.”

Cerys explained how the skills she has gained from Cadets are helping her in her everyday life. She said: “My organisational skills have helped me in school. I now prepare my school bag the night before and my school uniform in advance, meaning I am always on time.

“We have learnt about the physics of flight in the CCF which has also helped me in my recent GCSE physics exam.

“I would encourage anyone with an interest to join their local Cadet group as I have gained so many skills that can be used in everyday life, and I’m sure my experience will help me in the future.”