Heanor Gate Ccf During Annual Camp


Cadet Sergeant Kieran Scott, aged 17, joined Heanor Gate Science College’s Combined Cadet Force (CCF) three years ago as a founder cadet, and has since been promoted to a senior cadet role, been awarded the Best Cadet on Camp and has improved his confidence, team-working and leadership abilities. Kieran, who is now the senior cadet in the Contingent, says he loves to share his CCF knowledge, and finds planning cadet lessons really rewarding.  

He said: “It was my birthday on the final day of summer camp. It really was a fantastic day, all the cadets sang happy birthday to me, we had the end of camp awards presentation where I was awarded the Best Cadet on Camp, and was then promoted to my new rank of Cadet Sergeant.  I was so proud.

“Thanks to my best cadet award, I was selected to have a go in the Tornado GR4 fast jet simulator. It was extremely realistic, I had to wear a helmet and oxygen mask, and the flying instructors talked me through how the controls worked inside the simulator. This was an amazing surprise, and something I would never have been able to do if I wasn’t in cadets.”

As a Cadet Sergeant, Kieran, who wants to study a history degree, is now responsible for planning the cadet activities for the CCF and is really proud to see how the new cadet recruits are progressing through the cadet syllabus. 

Speaking about how cadets has made a positive impression on him, Kieran continued: “The CCF has been a great thing for me to be involved in. When I first joined I was shy, but wanted to try new activities. Now I feel I have the confidence to talk to anyone, I am teaching fellow cadets the skills required to instruct the new cadets and really enjoy using my knowledge to inspire other people.

Flight Lieutenant Miriam Watson, who is the Director of Vocational Learning at Heanor Gate Science College and the CCF Contingent Commander, said: “I am delighted with the way Kieran has embraced being a member of the CCF. He has the ability to think on his feet, planning junior cadet lessons and takes a lot of pride in telling people about his cadet experiences so far.

“Ahead of our annual camp Kieran achieved his method of instruction qualification, as well as previously achieving a Heartstart certificate and passing weapon handling assessments. Kieran will unfortunately be leaving the CCF at the end of this academic year when he turns 18, but I’m confident his new skills will stay with him for a long time.”