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Resource centre

Downloadable resources, training materials and ideas you can use to train and support your cadets.

Video tutorials:

A great guide to positioning your beret.

For CCF Army sections, you can learn how to salute with this quick and easy guide.

Watch our top tips for setting up a basha to protect you from the elements and to practice your camouflage skills. Great for cadets and instructors.

Innovative lesson plans: 

Humanitarian Aid Scenario - classroom power point slides.  

Lesson Plan - provided by Elen Harris, Sevenoaks School CCF Navy section commander, designed to provide further learning around the RN ethos and core values. 

"Many cadets look forward to their CCF lesson as a way to escape the confines of the classroom so, when the weather forces us inside, it's important that we find fresh ways to make their learning engaging,” says Elen, “This lesson had a very positive impact, with the information race and time limit ensuring that cadets are enthusiastic and having fun, while learning about the RN in the process. It also helped our sixth-form SNCOs to see how a lesson of this kind is planned and delivered, and showed them the level of engagement and enthusiasm that's needed to make them a success." 

'Try' service: 

Knots - short exercises from the Royal Navy to try with any Service section

Aircraft recognition - a simple guide to help any cadets understand the basics

Orienteering- a helpful guide from the Army to introduce orienteering to any CCF section

Submarines - insight into life as a submariner, great discussion topic for cadets 

P2000 patrol vessels - all about the Royal Navy warships and how to take your cadets on a tour


Royal Navy uniform - what to look out for on inspection 

RAF uniform - tips to help you get ready for a formal parade or inspection 

Field uniform - how to pack a training vest and bergen 


Quick answers - dealing with parental misconceptions

Quick answers - dealing with student misconceptions 

Command and leadership tasks: