Stonyhurst CCF cadets demonstrate their leadership skills with CVQO

Posted on April 19, 2018

Leadership Task 2

During their Easter camp in Warcop, Stonyhurst CCF cadets were keen to expand their skills by gaining leadership qualifications.

Working in conjunction with CVQO - a UK education charity providing internationally-accredited vocational qualifications to members of uniformed youth groups including the CCF – the cadets took part in the Young Leaders Award ILM qualification.

This was the first time that the course was carried out with Stonyhurst College and ten of their Army section cadets took part.

CVQO Regional Manager East, Mitch McGuire, said:  “It was great to work with Stonyhurst CCF on their Easter camp.

“All ten cadets took the qualification seriously and said they found real benefit contrasting the carrying out of tasks without leaders and then planning their own leader assessment. 

“They found all the command task and problem solving activities really interesting.

“We thought that they were a delightful group to teach and wish them well when they are presented with their certificates.”