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Brigades and Regional Point of Command (RPOC)

Each region of the UK has an Army Brigade or RPOC, who are the regional military authority supporting the CCFs in that area.

The Army has nine Brigades or RPOCs and London District (LONDIST) which deliver operational effect and regional responsibilities across a region of the UK. The regions are roughly aligned with the Reserve Forces and Cadets Associations (RFCAs), although there may be two different Brigades working within an area covered by one RFCA.

As well as managing training and recruitment for the Regular and Reserve units within the area, they work with the CCFs in their area to assist with adult training and organisation operations. 

Role of the Brigade or RPOC

The Staff Officer (SO2) Cadets provides administrative and some financial support for CCFs. The Brigade Commander is in overall command for the Army Formations and CCFs within that geographical region, and is supported by the Deputy Brigade Commander.

Each Brigade will also have an appointed Colonel Cadets, whose duty it is to advise the Brigade and Deputy Commander on cadet matters.

Other Service links

Many CCFs have good links with local Regular and Reserve units. Affiliated units can provide support such as 

- additional specialised training by qualified staff
- access to facilities
- organising visits for the Cadets to various military establishments
- VIPs for Parades and Inspections
- links to forces charities, organisations and the wider community

CCF (RAF) sections will be assigned a parent RAF station by the RAF. All CCF(RAF) sections will also be affiliated to a local unit, and the RAF personnel will assist in coordinating visits.

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Case Study:

Trinity School and RNAS Culdrose