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Expeditions are one of the most exciting parts of CCF life, and being part of the CCF can provide incredible opportunities to explore new parts of the UK, and venture further afield on overseas expeditions. 

But expeditions aren't just about the excitement of travelling. Cadets also learn important lessons about how to manage their expedition kit, plan routes and campsites, and learn basic camp craft.  Camp craft includes basic techniques of how to live and move in a different environment, which may include how to prepare clothing and equipment before embarking on an expedition.  You will learn how to safely carry a load and identify a suitable route as well as what makes an ideal camp site. For camping expeditions, you will be taught how to pitch a tent, and cook in the field. 

Some expeditions are centrally planned, for example 2016 saw CCF cadets join forces with the ACF on a life-changing trip to South Africa. 

Each year HQ Army Regional Command in conjunction with the Royal Canadian Army Cadet ( RCAC) organisation manages an International cadet exchange, open to ACF and CCF(Army) cadets. The expedition covers everything from wilderness first aid to abseiling, and gives cadets a chance to meet other young people from around the world. Details of the selection process are available on Westminster; cadets apply in autumn for a selection weekend in the spring. 

Canada 4

Case Study:

Canadian Exchange 2016

Canada 2

Case Study:

Canadian Exchange 2017

Many Contingents also choose to plan their own expeditions, the last year has seen expeditions to the Falklands, USA, Switzerland, France, Holland and South Africa - to name just a few. These expeditions can contribute to a Duke of Edinburgh's Award, provide an incredible addition for CVs, and result in friendships that will last for life. 

Tenerife Climbing

Case Study:

Royal Belfast CCF in Tenerife

Team At The Arctic Circle

Case Study:

Dog sledding in Lapland

And expeditions don't always have to be abroad. In 2017, a school from London embarked upon a Scottish canoe adventure as part of their Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. 

081 Small

Case Study:

Glyn-Freemen’s CCF tackle the Great Glen canoe trail

Lt. Dr Richard Bustin recounts his cadets water based adventure that took place during the summer of 2017.