Confidence Case Study


Cadet Rhys Wood, from Heanor Gate Science College in Derbyshire, joined the CCF two years ago and believes the experience has helped to improve his confidence.

Speaking during the CCF’s summer camp at RAF Halton, Rhys said: “This is my second visit to RAF Halton and a year on from joining the cadets I’m a more confident person, and find it easier to speak to people that I haven’t met before.

“Over the last two years, I have had the opportunity to learn more about the RAF and its history, as well as learning how to keep my uniform up to standard and how to conduct myself during drill activities.”

Reflecting on his Cadet career so far, Rhys continued: “I’ve gained a lot from joining the cadets. I can now work as part of a team, I can lead a group and because of this my confidence has increased a lot.

“My summer camp experience has been different this time as I understand what each of the activities being planned entail and what is expected of me.

“I’ve met new friends in school through the CCF, and I would encourage other people to join their school’s CCF because it can help you to learn so many new skills that can help you later in life.

“I’m due to leave school this summer to go to Derby College, but I am hoping to come back to Heanor Gate and still be a part of the CCF training programme to continue my cadet learning.”