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Cadet Cambrian Patrol 2018

The Cadet Cambrian Patrol is one of the toughest and most challenging of all cadet competitions. Taking place over two days in South Wales it tests teams in a variety of skills from leadership to field craft. This year saw 150 cadets taking part with gold medals being awarded to just three teams. SSI Tony Brown at King's School Chester looks back on what is one of the highlights of his cadet calendar.

Our team is formed of volunteers wanting to take on the ardouous challenge set by 160 (Wales) Brigade and against National Teams. The drive to try and win a gold medal is the focus and allows senior cadets to bond and it brings out the best in them.

Our Easter Senior Camps are Cadet Cambrian focused and cadets are put into situations that they may find themselves in on the competition so expanding their experience and giving them the tools to logically think things through using the military drills and ethos are a priority.

So we focus on extra core skills such as scenario-based stands including casualty evacuation, First Aid, Contact Drills (Flank, forward and rearward) which not only gives the cadets something to practise but also experience and a willingness to learn more.

The CCP18 is the Olympics of the Cadet world and challenges cadets of all ages from around the country. The setting is the British Army Training Area SENTA in Sennybridge, South Wales. It's a unique place some 400m above sea level where you can experience four seasons in one day.

Our report time was 1900hrs in Farm 5 where the team went through a number of safety checks and kit inspection. This was done to enable teams to show they could turn up prepared and have the essential equipment to survive on the Training Area.

Cdt CSgt Scot Hodgson, the Section Commander, received a set of orders from which he had to extract information and present his plan the following night. Around midnight the team got some sleep but was woken at 0330hrs for Patrol preparation and a cooked breakfast before being dropped off at their start point for 0630hrs at Flag 1.

...and they are off. The Patrol phase comprised of a 12-hour patrol covering around 20 kms of demanding training area and four challenging stands. This phase was designed to test the teams' stamina, teamwork and navigational skills. There were military skill challenges in all areas including First Aid, leadership, communication, courage and endeavour. Tiredness and fatigue were all tested as the hot weather was playing its part.

After 12 hours of patrolling the team finished back at its start point, very tired and, a credit to them, with smiles on their faces. A quick move to the next phase saw them preparing a set of orders and build a model. Scot set about constructing his plan and Amelia Standing started building the model with help from the team. The model was set into the ground and showed detail of the patrols' next phase using the natural material found around them to represent forestry blocks, tracks etc. A good set of orders were given and the team was now briefed on their next phase. Now a good night’s sleep after cooking our ration packs for dinner. 2230hrs and finally asleep…..

Phase three and we are set to start our March and Shoot. A route covering the training area and 45 mins to complete before we are preparing our weapons and getting ready to shoot on the range. We were tasked with a shoot consisting of firing at targets at 100m away in the prone, kneeling and sitting positions.

A very filling brunch was waiting for us at Farm 5 and preparations were in place for the medal ceremony. The 160 (Wales) Brigade Commander presented Certificate of Attendance, Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals to Patrol teams depending on their scores.

Our Team was very proud to be awarded a silver medal.

With the memories forever held in their minds and experiences, the cadets will be able to draw upon them in years to come. Teamwork, sense of pride and a drive to finish showed that with hard work comes rewards. I am very proud of these students and long may they encourage others to follow in their footsteps.


The enthusiasm to compete each year in the Cadet Cambrian Patrol is strong here at The King’s School CCF. We have been the sole representative from the North West Cadet organisation for the last six years and have spent many hours preparing for the competition. Patrols come from initially the Welsh Cadet forces and now each region is invited to attend which means there are some 20 patrol teams in attendance.

We have been very proud to represent our region.

Team Captain

WO2 (SSI) Tony Brown

The King’s School CCF