Duty Holding

The General Officer Commanding Support Command (GOC Sp Comd) is the Operating Duty Holder (ODH) responsible for the safe management within the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) of any activities identified within a Risk to Life (RtL) context. His subordinate Delivery Duty Holders (DDH), Contingent Commanders are to receive the appropriate training and have sufficient resources at their disposal to deliver their roles and responsibilities.

The roles and responsibilities are enshrined in Land Forces Standing Orders (LFSO) 3216[1]. DDH’s are to ensure that activities are undertaken within the accepted policy parameters, that control measures are in place and that the risk inherent in each activity are kept tolerable and at a level that is As Low As is Reasonably Practicable (ALARP)[2]. Where resolution is required DDH’s are to engage with the chain of command and in extremis elevate any safety related risk to GOC Sp Comd.

The MOD has developed an online training package to explain in more detail the Duty Holding Construct and the role of the DDH. Contingent Commanders nominated as the DDH are to complete the training which will make them aware of their roles and responsibilities. Those completing the training will be awarded a Certificate, a copy of which is to be sent to the SO2 Cadets of the Brigade in which the Contingent sits.

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