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Courses & Training

Information about the courses and training available to adult instructors, and senior cadets within the CCF.

For up to date information about the dates of upcoming courses, please visit Westminster or Bader. The information below is designed to provide an overview of some of the different opportunities available for volunteers and cadets to enhance their training. 

Adult training courses

There are a number of compulsory courses that all new adult volunteers within the CCF need to attend, to gain the knowledge and skills needed to teach the CCF syllabus relevant to their Service. Beyond this, there are a number of specialised courses that are open to CCF adult volunteers, which will allow you to deliver specialised training. Many of these are run centrally, for volunteers from all Services - and can often lead to NGB recognised qualifications. 

Initial training courses

Britannia Royal Naval College

New Royal Navy or Royal Marines CCF Officers attend Britannia Royal Naval College for the week long Officer Initial Course. On this course, you will learn more about the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines, and the CCF syllabus. You will have the chance to visit Royal Navy vessels, and gain some experience of life on-board a ship. On the final day of the course, the Captain of the College attends, to pass candidates out. This course must be completed within your first two years of appointment - and ideally your first year. You will be issued uniform on the course. 

Adult Volunteer 5

Case Study:

Royal Navy Officer Initial Course

Sub Lieutenant Les Latham from Charter Academy is one of the new CCF(RN) Officers at Charter Academy. Les describes his experience on the Officer Initial Course at Britannia Royal Naval College. 

For even more on the course, you can read the CCF magazine feature that followed a group through their OIC course, published in the spring 2018 edition

Royal Air Force College Cranwell

Volunteers joining the CCF(RAF) as an officer will attend a week long course at Royal Air Force College Cranwell. This is an introductory course which aims to train CCF officers in the basic subjects and assist in the development of their leadership and communications skills. As well as offering an overview of the Royal Air Force, you will also learn more about the roles and responsibilities of an officer in the CCF.

Frimley Park

Those choosing to join a CCF Army Section will attend a CCF Basic course as Frimley Park, to learn about the syllabus and instructional techniques needed to deliver training to cadets. Prior to this, volunteers will need to attend a two day long CCF Preliminary Course, to undertake basic weapons handling training. 

Find out how a recent group got on and enjoyed their experience as they completed their basic course.

For even more on the course, you can read the CCF magazine feature that followed a group through their basic course, published in the summer 2017 edition. 

Courses for senior cadets

There are a range of exciting courses that are open to senior cadets in all sections of the CCF. If you've been on a course and want to tell us about your experience - get in touch!


Case Study:

Giggleswick cadet on Air Cadet Leadership Course

Band Camp

Case Study:

Tri-Service band camp with the Royal Navy

Band 3

Case Study:

Air Cadets music camp

Vocational qualifications can also be gained by both cadets and adults alike when they are part of a CCF. Have a look here for more information.