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Cadets bring great attributes, and a great attitude to the workplace. Find out more about the skills young people gain, supporting the programme, or recruiting young people with cadet experience.

For many young people, being in a cadet force helps them to develop a whole host of important life skills, including a level of maturity, self-discipline and respect, that they would not otherwise possess at such a young age. Research has already shown that there is a correlation between cadet attendance and improvements in academic performance at school - and many employers are now starting to recognise the value that cadets can bring to the workplace. 

Network Rail

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Network Rail

Advertise your apprenticeships

If you are interested in finding young people with cadet experience, get in touch with the Combined Cadet Force Association (CCFA) who can help you raise awareness of your apprenticeships and job opportunities among CCF cadets. Get in touch with us at marketing@combinedcadetforce.org.uk. 

Support the programme

The Cadet Expansion Programme is expanding the number of cadet units in state schools. If your company is interesting in supporting this charitable programme, get in touch with Faye Meakin, Cadet Bursary Fund Programme Manager at the Combined Cadet Force Association, or read more about why cadet units in state schools are so important.