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First Aid

First aid is an important part of the cadet syllabus, and cadets will have the opportunity to take part in different levels of first aid training. The CCF has close links with organisations such as St John Ambulance, and the Combined Cadet Force Association (CCFA) facilitates training for adults, allowing them to deliver training which results in recognised first aid qualifications for cadets. 

Each year there are a series of national competitions for the best CCF cadets to compete against teams from other Cadet Forces in the national championships which take place each year in October. 

Many cadets have used their first aid skills to save lives in real situations, and many have been recognised by national awards including the St John Ambulance Everyday Heroes Award. 

Read in depth about first aid training opportunities and some real life cases where cadets and adult volunteers have saved lives, in our spring 2018 magazine feature